Tuesday, May 31, 2011

They Don't Call it an Extravaganza for Nothing...

Well, the weather has cleared up and we are hitting the pavement.  First Stop - The Extravaganza in Springfield, OH, at the Clark Co. fairgrounds.  Let me tell you, this place had EVERYTHING.  As my fellow picker put it "if you don't find it here, you aren't finding it..."  As we carved our way through the magical and whimsical walkways of other's treasures, we found ourselves not ever wanting to go home.
And it begins... So excited to be spending the afternoon (scorching hot) on the look out for some amazing finds!

As you know, we are in a flower kick - and can't get enough of great and unique planter ideas...not to mention how pretty this whole set up looked.  Adorable!

So many fun things to look at!!

Anything with the word "Chicks" catches our eye.  This little booth had so many little chick figurines - super cute!

Obsessed with this stuff. We can't get over how great it looks as accent pieces around the house.  The Extravaganza had so much of it too!

Lookout Alert:  Yep, we are on the hunt for CHAIRS!  That is right.  We especially love the ones with great detailing at the top like this one.  We have some funky projects in mind for our new chair finds...

Chick molds for some chocolate...heaven.

Assorted bottles and vases always intrigue us.  I'm sure each of them has a unique story to tell - where it came from, what it was used for.  Some are so old and unique - it is fun to try and find some rare pieces while picking through the big assortment.

These old photos are just one of the aspects of picking that we love so much.  There is such stories and history behind many of the pieces you can find at these places, and we are always looking to get the 411 on nearly everything we come across.  We love learning where our pieces and treasures came from...

FRAMES!  Always on the look out for these - there were so many great ones, we just couldn't choose!

The chosen one!  This little guy had the perfect detailing and was the most perfect size.  

Blocks are so much fun, as Mrs. Young has demonstrated above.  This stand had so many games and memories from when we were little kids - it was fun!

Colored glass flowers and leaves hanging from this old chandelier create the most precious and dainty look - we love it!   We are still on the lookout for the perfect chandelier ever though....


Overall, we had such an amazing time at this pick!  We did wind up with some really great pieces including some old window panes, picture frames, an old mantel, some beer tubs, a stand for some herbs in the garden, and a side buffet table for a dining room.  Stay tuned for updates about the pieces we have refurbished from our day of fun...

Until next time...

Peace & Love,

LeAnn & Jacee

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

April Showers Bring May Flowers...

Well, at least that is how the saying goes.  With all this rain you would have to believe that "April" is never going to end.  So, the Chicks who Pick are attempting to change all of that.  We are hoping that by posting some of our favorite ideas for planting flowers, we will help out the ju-ju and send Mother Nature some good vibes to get that sun shining!!

These are the garden ideas from all over that are inspiring us this Spring...

Tablescapes are always fun to create when you are using fresh flowers and pieces from nature.  These inspirations are from some funky and fresh outdoor weddings that we just loved!  Try using vintage pieces such as Ball jars, antique cake plates, vases and various sized votives to create a great look for your buffet or dinner table.

If it involves tea, tea cups, tea pots....we love it.  Using vintage and old mugs or tea sets are an adorable way to grow your little plants and herbs.

Wagon Flowers! ...enough said.

Yep, this rustic wheelbarrow is the perfect place to nest a garden-chic arrangement.  Have fun planting all sorts of colors and types together in one of these bad boys.  It will be a very eclectic and fabulous addition to your outdoor space.

This great idea is an old mail box converted to a hanging planter box.  We love this look for its rustic appeal and feminine touch.

Ok, we love shoes too!  Get creative with your old boots and shoes.  This great idea incorporates funky spray paint colors and an array of various plants potted in them.  We love how they lined them up on this great shelves.

Throw-back glass wear makes a great home for your indoor flora.  These white pieces are beautiful with the dainty buds they hold.

Good thing they didn't toss this chair to the trash truck.  A screen-like netting provides a place for grass and dirt to live while an assortment of flowers grow through the seat.  How clever!

We love galvanized buckets.  We pretty much use them for anything we can think of, and planting flowers in them is one of the best looks on these normally dull-looking buckets.  Don't be nervous to use ones that look like they've been neglected...they have the most personality.  Wooden milk crates and vintage Coca-Cola carriers also make great boxes to plant your spring time flowers in.

We hope that you have found some of these precious photos as inspiring as we have.  Now, lets all do a "no more rain" dance so that we can all get outside and start planting!!  Happy dancing...

Until next time...

Peace & Love

LeAnn & Jacee