Monday, October 31, 2011

Project Peep Show...

Wow!  What a busy time of year it has turned out to be for us....
The days are passing by more quickly than we'd like, but isn't that life?!  I mean, with it getting dark at 4:30 every night (ok - a little bit of exaggeration), but the bottom line is there just isn't enough hours in the day to keep up sometimes.

We find ourselves in a similar situation with our projects.  I mean, with a garage full of stuff and a new house that is begging to be polished up, we are jam smack in the middle of about a billion projects.

So here it is, our first ever, Project Peep Show.  Here are a couple of small projects in our studio we are working on to satisfy your taste buds...  Keep you eyes peeled for the final products!

This mirror is courtesy of my Grandma Jean.  She was a true collector of EVERYTHING!  A real Garage Sale Enthusiast.  The gold just wasn't working for me, so she's getting a good sand down.

When you see this mirror next, she will be beautiful.  Her paint color is called FROST, and it is just plain pretty.

Old windows. I mean, really.  These things can be found at almost every flea market you go to.  But this one was only $1, so we snaggd it up.  It too is getting a good sand-down.  We have a beautiful teal, rustic treatment we are planning for this old guy.

The glass is still in tact and beautiful.

Also, we just got our hands on a dresser from the 1920's that is just precious.  It is a high quality piece with tons of potential.  We can't wait to get our hands dirty with that one...

As always, thanks for following us.  If you ever have any "junk" you want taken off your hands - or just spruced up - let us know!  We are more than happy to come take a look....

Until next time...

Peace & Love,

LeAnn + Jacee

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Chairs + Ladders...

Free finds are the absolute BEST!  We found these old and worn down items on the side of the road at a "first come, first serve" garage sale a few weekends ago....and we just couldn't resist.  They both needed some serious TLC, but in the end this ladder and the set of chairs turned out super cute and amazing.  LeAnn used both of these for her Anniversary Party in the back yard, and they were precious...
Moral of this one is simple:  Never pass up a ratty set of chairs and ladder on the side of the road.  :)

This is Jeff, LeAnn's hubby - hammering out some serious sanding.

The ladder before.... falling apart.

Getting there.  It is in the middle of getting a fresh coat of fabulous green paint!

So cute!  Ladders make perfect decoration pieces - and great place to set flowers, hang towels, baskets, etc.  We love them!

The scene when we were finished!  We painted the chairs various pastel colors, and you can see the ladder in the background and how fabulous it turned out!  The cute linens were provided by THE RITZY ROSE!