Thursday, September 8, 2011

So Worth It...

"$25, that's it.  I swear. Can we please bring your truck back and pick it up later....?"

An early morning garage sale call to our husbands is not their most favorite thing, but needless to say - we love doing it.  Why?  It is usually because we have found a piece we just can't live without - that, and it won't fit in our cars!

That is exactly what happened with this beauty... she was just sitting there, begging to be taken home by us and hooked up with a new paint job and some new jewels.
The garage sale we found this at was located in Upper Arlington, one of our favorite spots for finding the goods, at an old lady's house who was over 80 years old.  As we carted it away later that night she had told us that this chest of drawers used to be her grandaddy's - and she could never remember a time where it wasn't in a house that she lived in... How awesome is that?!?  She could not believe we wanted to take this old, nasty thing home - and was even more embarrassed that we wouldn't let her replace the wallpaper that lined the dusty drawers.

I hope we did her proud...

The Beginning...

 Sanding her down...

 The drawers.

 All sanded down, ready for some new paint!

 Done! - New Hardware!

As always,

Peace & Love -
LeAnn &  Jacee


  1. I love this!!!! This inspires me to go to Springfield next week!

  2. This is incredible! Do you all happen to have a good resource (article, book, etc.) where I can learn how to re-finish pieces like this? I have a couple of pieces in my house that would look amazing if I knew how to do this! I know the basics, but I'm always good with an outlined "how-to". Great job!

  3. Oh Em GEE I love it. Please take me with you next time you guys go!